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Our Hunt is Over... For Now.
over 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 01:55:27 PM

Hola Hunters!



Celebrate, you vigilant backers!

What a campaign! What a journey to get here! Like a lot of you, I've been seeing talk of Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition on Onyx Path's website for some time. I knew of the game, but hadn't delved deeply. It was during the campaign for Changeling: The Lost Second Edition (and also when talking to Hunter fans during the Dragon-Blooded campaign for Exalted) that I saw how passionate the fanbase was and the cool stories they shared that I started to dig into the lore and themes of this game. And I totally get it. And  love it! So, thanks for filling my head, Hunter fans. I've been totally sucked in.

And then this campaign! What a launch - and the support has been nonstop throughout. It's been amazing to see, and the reception of the work that Monica, and Dixie, and the whole creative team put together has been so positive and celebratory. A really, really good time.

Not to get too off topic or slide the spotlight too far from the game and the creative team, which is where it should be strongly focused, but it's been a real blessing and boost to connect to this community and see the daily support and celebration over the past month, and that positivity has been really needed and appreciated! So, shine a spotlight on yourselves! Every backer that supported us has been tremendous!

And the past 24 hours have been a wild ride as well! We crossed $100,000! 

And look what is gonna happen because of that!

Not only that, we added two brand new supplements (and beefed one of them up a bunch!)

Tending the Flame will contain support for Cells, Compacts, and Conspiracies! And Endowments! I'm very excited for this one!

A Jumpstart - to get you hunting right away!


So, thank you to all the backers who supported us and made this happen. Thanks to everyone who checked out the interviews that Monica conducted with her team. And thanks to everyone who talked about Hunter: The Vigil and spread the word about this campaign!


So, as noted in an earlier post, I'll be sending out updates once a month and whenever we've got a new reward, survey, or other item to cover. If you have any questions or need clarification on something related to the kickstarter, you can leave it in the comment section - I will be notified with every addition. Or, you can touch base via e-mail or Kickstarter


  •  Via E-Mail: Onyx.Kickstarter [at]
  •  Via Kickstarter: Click Onyx Path under the "Created By" heading on the main page, and then press the "Contact Me" button - the message will come to me!
It's James!

For setting stuff and questions about the game itself, it's probably best to post to the Chronicles of Darkness forums on the Onyx Path website:

So, thanks to everyone for helping fund this project and celebrating the history of the Chronicles of Darkness and future of Hunter: The Vigil!

So, that's an awesome conclusion to this campaign, and a chance for everyone to catch up on some sleep! I'm likely to be quiet for the next few weeks, as I start work on the next project, but you'll hear from me when BackerKit is up and running and surveys are ready to go out! I'm hoping that will be in early April. Until then, keep vigilant!!

Let's take a moment, though, to celebrate this massive accomplishment! High fives in the comment section, as always!



TERRIFIC TEN - We just hit another Stretch Goal!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 01:50:34 PM

Hello Hunters!

Here we are, on our final approach to the end of our journey. We've got just over 30 hours left in our campaign, and we've just taken down another Stretch Goal target.

Achieved! - AT $92,000 in funding - Tending the Flame: Conspiracies — Help us fund a third chapter for the Player’s Companion for Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition. This chapter on Conspiracies would offer eight expanded conspiracy write-ups with hints of their long-term plans and goal, as well as their Endowments.

That means we've not only added a Player's Companion supplement for this project, but ensured that it has additional support for all three Tiers of play for Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition. This last section had a big target - not only will it include write-ups for more Conspiracies, but all of the associated Endowments that go with them. And you made it happen!

With 30 hours left, our next goal is well within reach. These campaigns tend to move at a rapid pace during the final hours, so it's absolutely possible to add one more supplement to our rewards!

At $100,000 in funding - Hunter Jumpstart, Tier One —Help us fund another supplement, featuring an introductory scenario that will launch your chronicle and get you started on your Vigil. All backers receiving the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition PDF will automatically have the Jumpstart Scenario PDF added to their rewards list.


And speaking of adding supplements to your rewards list...don't forget about our massive list of Add On options, covering all of the core rulebooks currently available (or just about to be available) from the Chronicles of Darkness, as well as all of the first edition Hunter PDFs to serve as inspiration for your new game.

  • For +$10, add the Chronicles of Darkness Core Rulebook PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$10, add the Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$10, add the Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$10, add the Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$15, add the Werewolf: The Foresaken 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$15, add the Beast: The Primordial PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$15, add the Demon: The Descent PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$15, add the Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$15, add the Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$20, add the Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition PDF to your rewards list
  • For +$5, add Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker PDF to your rewards list

While Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition will be a stand-alone game, containing all of the rules needed to play, incorporating additional options and rules from the Chronicles of Darkness core rulebook or Hurt Locker will open up even more story possibilities at your table.

It's also a bit of a celebration, since Hunter is the final game that needed to be converted to the Second Edition of the Chronicles of Darkness. The completionist/collector in me is so happy!

Now let's get recruiting!

Final day, final push, final opportunity to let others know about this game and this kickstarter campaign. We can absolutely add one more Stretch Goal to our list of accomplishments! And, with Tending the Flame growing by that last section, we can maybe add another slot or two to some of the premium rewards. Jump on them quick! But, if you miss out, keep an eye on them because they do tend to move around a bit near the end.

So, another successful hunt, but the vigil never ends! Let's keep up the good work!

And now... off to read the COMPLETE manuscript which has been posted for backers to preview before the campaign ends!



BACKERS ONLY - Manuscript Preview - The Slasher Chronicle
over 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 01:49:52 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

This one goes up to Eleven!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 12:32:12 PM

Hello Hunters,

We're in the final final hours now! The clock is running down, but we're still standing vigil and achieving our targets! We hit our ELEVENTH STRETCH GOAL of the Campaign!

At $100,000 in funding - Hunter Jumpstart, Tier One —Help us fund another supplement, featuring an introductory scenario that will launch your chronicle and get you started on your Vigil. All backers receiving the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition PDF will automatically have the Jumpstart Scenario PDF added to their rewards list.

We've now added another PDF supplement to the project list, and all backers who are pledged to receive a PDF copy of the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition game (Tier-One Hunter and higher) will automatically have this added to their rewards list!

Now, we all know the job of a Hunter is never complete. There are more monsters - and Stretch Goal targets - out there than ever before. As long as we're recruiting new members and growing this project, I always want to have something to strive for. So... one last Stretch Goal target? I know it's a longshot, but I look and see what we've already accomplished, and believe anything's possible. So, let's add another bit to that second supplement:

At $105,000 in funding - Hunter Jumpstart, Tier Two —Help us fund a group of Ready-Made Player Characters to enable your group to join the hunt instantly.

Regardless of how much more we add at this point, or if we somehow manage to add an even dozen Stretch Goal victories, this campaign has not only fulfilled it's main target (funding the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition core rulebook!), but also achieved so much more! What an amazing ride. And still hours to go!

To reiterate one last time - I mentioned this in the early update this morning -but please - make sure your pledge is inline with your finances and is affordable to you. I'm a soft touch and it's heart-breaking to receive e-mails from backers a day or week after the campaign ends asking to have their pledge downgraded. Once the campaign closes, Kickstarter takes over the money processing, and fees begin to get paid out. Similarly, fees for other parts of the process (shipping, payment processing, BackerKit, some licensing, some freelancers, and other items) are taken off based on the total funding amount, so a large portion of the funds are already allocated before another step is taken, and it's simply impossible to reverse course without causing real issues up and down the line.

So, review your budget! Check your Add Ons. Check your Pledge Level. 

And then, let's race to the finish!



Freedom of information. Fiction by Cassandra Khaw
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 11:09:58 AM

Administrator’s note: Yo, this is your boy Goliath, coming straight at you from you don’t need to know where, motherfucker. We intercepted this recording from Austin earlier this week and let me tell you: this ain’t a good look, hunters. Do not — I repeat, do not — use public areas to conduct your business unless you’re ready to tell the public the truth. Especially not in surveillance-happy US of A. And for god’s sake, don’t mess with the enemy.

Since I believe in freedom of information, at least among trusted peers, here’s the incriminating clip transcribed. Now, have a good fucking day.


The footage shows two men and two women in the back room of a seedy bar. There are three tables but only one chair, which is occupied by one of the two men. Empty bottles cover every flat surface. One woman is smoking an e-cigarette, its tip flaring neon blue.

Door opens. A woman walks inside. She is 40-something, East Asian, with black hair worn short. Her attire is functional: jeans, shirt, and denim jacket.

DARK-HAIRED WOMAN is silent at first but then she staggers backwards.

“What—who the hell are you? Your face. Your...your face—”

SMOKING WOMAN pushes from the wall. Her features, though younger, bear a strong resemblance to those of the new arrival’s. Unlike her counterpart, she is dressed for war: black leather, functional boots, gloves. The headlights of a passing car reflect off the buckles of her leather jacket.

“The person whose life you stole.”

MAN WITH MUTTONCHOPS looks up from under the brim of a cowboy hat; he’s a big man in his 30s, thick muscle already going to fat.

“Easy, Lin.”


“My name is Clementine, asshole.”


“What is going on here?”

WOMAN IN HIGH-COLLARED COAT joins the conversation. Of the five, she appears the youngest, dark-skinned, with chandelier earrings.

“Guys, you’re scaring her. Don’t forget the point of what we’re doing—”

CLEMENTINE flings her e-cigarette at the wall.

“The point? The point? The point is that she’s wearing my face. Sixteen years. She’s been living my life for sixteen years. Holding my children. Sleeping next to my husband. Sixteen years—”


“Please, I don’t understand what’s happening.”

MAN WITH MUTTONCHOPS gestures with a hand, expression kind.

“Just relax, darling. We’re going to tell you some things that might seem real strange, but there’s nothing to be afraid—”

CLEMENTINE snarls and pulls out revolver.

“Fuck. That. If you don’t say what I wanna hear, you’re dead.”

The DARK-HAIRED WOMAN screams and staggers back. She is caught by the BESPECTACLED MAN that had been silent throughout. He is bespectacled, pale, and slim-built with a kind face. His voice is a deep, comforting bass.


“Don’t scream.”


“But she...but she—”


“Clementine is — I’m sorry for, uhm, how our friend reacted. But this isn’t anything personal.”


“She pulled a gun on me.”


“We know, we know. But you have to understand her circumstances. And yours. Your kind is—”

DARK-HAIRED WOMAN writhes away from the BESPECTACLED WOMAN, stumbling until she has her back pressed to a wall.

“What are you trying to tell me? You keep dancing around the subject. My kind? And I’m — I’m wearing her face? What is going on?”


“Keep your voice down.”


“I don’t understand. Please, someone tell me what’s going on.”

CLEMENTINE’s features ripple.

“You really gonna do that? You really going to pretend that you’re some kind of helpless housewife? No clue at all as to what you’ve done and what you are?”


“I don’t—”


“We’ll explain later, if you want us to. Tell you everything. But I promise we’re not here to harm you.”

DARK-HAIRED WOMAN sinks to her knees, hands over her head.

“No, no. None of this makes sense. Who are you? Who are you people?”


“Maya, be careful.”


“We’re — it’s not important who are, darlin’. What you need to know that we’re here to help.”


“Why are you being nice to it? This is just a pile of walking kindling.”


“You’re in no position to talk, Clementine.”


“Excuse me? Am I the monster here?”


“You tell me. Would the woman from sixteen years ago raise a weapon at an unarmed person?”


“Maya, what are you doing—”


“What the fuck?”


“Our role is to protect the innocent from things like you. Of the two of you, only one of you has pulled a gun.”

CLEMENTINE jabs her gun in MAYA’s direction, fury and despair warping her features.

“You’re taking its side over mine—”


“Everyone needs to calm down right now. We don’t need—”


“Back the fuck off or I’m going to put a bullet between her eyes.”

BESPECTACLED MAN lowers to a squat, frowning, an arm encircling the DARK-HAIRED WOMAN’s quivering shoulders.


“You have five seconds to lower your weapon.”

CLEMENTINE glances away from MAYA.

“You gonna make me? I— ”

MAYA blurs into motion; a flash of steel is all the camera captures. CLEMENTINE goes down, crumpling forward, hand about her bleeding throat.


“Shit, Maya.”

MAYA wipes down a gleaming icepick as she gazes at CLEMENTINE’s spasming body. Her voice is soft.

“I should have listened to you. But I had to give her a chance. Now, let’s go before someone comes in to check on the noise.”


“What about her?”

MAN WITH MUTTONCHOPS and MAYA come to flank the DARK-HAIRED WOMAN, who is still weeping.


“Darling, we’re going to have to ask you to follow us.”




“Don’t matter. Right now, we’re your best chance of staying alive.”


“You I in danger?”

BESPECTACLED MAN assists DARK-HAIRED WOMAN to her feet, expression grave. His smile is apologetic.

“At the risk of sounding crass, that depends entirely on how willing you are to cooperate with us.”